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thjnk Berlin and IKEA stand up for a better work-life-sleep balance.

Germany can't get a wink of sleep. 34 million people in the country don't sleeo well, are overtired and have to live with the health consequences of their insomnia. And yet: hardly anyone talks about it. Very few people see the doctor because of insomnia. Most prefer to swallow sleeping pills or even bristle at having to work through the night.

IKEA wanted to change that - and therefore stood up. For a better work-life-sleep balance and more restful sleep. So we hijacked the existing discussion on work-life balance with demos and a mockumentary which reminded people of that part of our everyday lives that we all too often forget when it comes to going through life in a healthy way.


A cooperation with the Sleep School London also helped improving IKEA's image as a sleep expert. By the end of the campaign one in five people knew about the initiative thanks to the clever interplay of video content and OOH flight, which gave our demand the visibility it needed