Porsche Design

thjnk Hamburg

Experience Design
Testing / Optimization

thjnk continues to expand its business with Porsche Design.

The redesign of the website takes Porsche Design's brand performance to a new level - every experience gets more intense and every click is more intuitive. With a strategic digital concept that leads to an optimised user experience, the site invites users to discover and shop for timeless design classics. Campaigns and products receive even more attention and strengthen the brand's digital growth.

The concept of "immersive performance" was developed as a strategic base for the redesign and creation of a unique user and brand experience. Users seamlessly enter the webshop/e-commerce solution through emotional storytelling, which is an important digital touchpoint for the brand.

The website is as beautiful and functional as Porsche Design's products and has become an important part of the international brand through its redesign.

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