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As part of the REWE brand relaunch, we created a new customer magazine in 2016 that now has a circulation in the millions. It’s for people who cook every day and are hungry for inspiration. The design takes its cue from the magazine title: Frisch & Gut (Fresh & Good).

Containing no advertising, the REWE Magazine just delivers high-quality content produced exclusively for REWE, page for page. The recipes are enduring, simple and inspiring – just like the magazine itself, which contains no stock photos or lifestyle bluster. Instead, the focus is on a young, fresh layout filled with useful and entertaining information. It even prompted the publication of a cookbook “Deine Küche” (“Your Kitchen”).

“I’m known as a bit of a whinger. But other culinary magazines could take a leaf out of Frisch & Gut!”

excerpt from a letter to the editor.