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thjnk Munich and McDonald's give away sustainability

McDonald's self-proclaimed goal is to reduce its CO2 emissions by 33% by 2030. This will to reduce CO2 should be credibly demonstrated. Although McDonald's is already committed to achieving sustainability in many places, it lacks credibility. And that is anything but easy to establish - especially as a large corporation.

That's why McDonald's donated its entire advertising airtime and space on all channels for a whole day on February 29th. So on the very day that was given to all of us by the leap year 2020, together with the environmental organization Treedom McDonald's activated people to plant trees. The donated day was not only a successful day for Treedom and the environment, but also an important sign of McDonald's commitment to more sustainability.


Within 24 hours, a reach of 78.1 million was generated and catapulted Treedom's website visits upwards by +8,306% visits. And McDonald's image also rose by 11.8% among teens and twens - not to mention that in just one day, an entire forest of 44,296 trees was planted, offsetting as much CO2 as 2.14 million German drivers cause every day.

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