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Sixt USA

thjnk New York

Film, Social Media

In Germany, Sixt is a household name. Not so in the United States. At least, not yet. In 2016, Sixt hired thjnk New York to change that. And even our very first job proved to be not such an easy one: Getting people talking about Sixt during US election campaigning. Our idea? Just buy a party.

We were not permitted to name Trump or Clinton specifically. So we chose Jimmy McMillan, the founder of a real political party whose name represented Sixt’s existing motto: “The Rent Is Too Damn High”. Sixt went ahead and bought the party. At a hastily arranged press conference, the takeover marked its first success, with the event garnering over 10 million views.

“I ain’t gonna lie bruh, that’s a dope beat yo! lol“

Kaixy Lor on YouTube