Terre de Femmes

– Menschenrechte für die Frau e.V.

thjnk München

Communication Planning
Experience Design

With glass art against domestic violence.

Domestic violence is an increasing problem worldwide. In Germany, every fourth woman is affected - with an increasing tendency at Christmas time and during the Corona pandemic. However, domestic violence is often not easy to recognize. Out of fear and shame, many victims do not find a way out on their own and break down. Fellow human beings are important for a safe escape from violence, but many do not pay enough attention in their environment to recognize the seriousness of the situation.

Together with Terre des Femmes, we wanted to break the silence and draw attention to the problem of domestic violence with an extraordinary work of art by glass artist Simon Berger - in the middle of Munich.


A shattered shop window caused a sensation during christmas time. What looked like pure violence at first turned out to be the face of activist Romy Stangl on a closer look, who had herself been affected by domestic violence. The artwork came to life by scanning the the QR code which is attached next the artwork. Romy encouraged people to take a closer look in an augmented reality animation and find out more on the campaign website.