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REWE und thjnk call for a conscious nurition but without moralizing.

REWE is systematically reducing the sugar content of many private label products. Alone during the first year, about 100 sugar-reduced pilot products were continuously introduced into the assortment. From ja! REWE Beste Wahl and REWE Regional to REWE Feine Welt and REWE Bio - products with reduced sugar content should be available for all REWE private label brands by 2020. And we wanted to make this tangible for all our customers.

To kick off the initiative, REWE is the first German retailer to let customers vote on which reduced-sugar product variant should be put on the shelves. The Offer includes a chocolate pudding quartet, which is available with the original recipe and with 20, 30 and 40 per cent less sugar to try - without the use of alternative sweeteners. The campaign "You are sugar. How much more sugar do you need?" was accompanied by an ominichannel campaign from TV to social media to PoS. Customers were able to vote on the microsite. The winner of this vote was permanently included in the product range.