• thjnk, loved & Leo's thjnk tank receive 15 Red Dot awards.

    The works of agency group thjnk received 1 Best of the Best and 14 Red Dot awards.

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  • thjnk turns 3!

    A big thank you to all colleagues, clients and partners for 3 amazing years!

  • thjnk wins the most Film Lions in Cannes – of all German agencies.

    thjnk has been awarded 4 Cannes Lions – two of them in cooperation with Leo Burnett for McDonald’s.

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  • Audi and thjnk declare the moon part of the "Land of quattro".

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  • loved receives 2 Gold and 3 Silver Corporate Publishing Awards.

    For the film "Speed Wheels" and the Audi Magazin.

  • thjnk and the new Audi Q7 track true greatness.

    “Greatness starts when you don’t stop.” – that’s the quintessential idea behind the launch of the new Audi Q7.

  • thjnk and Die Limo present commercials with Joko and Klaas.

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  • thjnk, Leo’s thjnk tank & loved receive 19 awards and 9 honors at the ADC of Germany.

    The works of the agency group thjnk received 1 golden, 7 silver, 11 bronze awards and 9 honors.

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  • thjnk & loved receive 5 awards at the New York Festivals.

    The thjnk agency group’s works for Audi have been awarded with 2 Silver and 3 Bronze awards.

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  • thjnk hamburg wins edding L.A.Q.U.E. ® and starts launch campaign …

    … With the slogan “Power statt Püppchen“ (“Power not princesses”).

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  • thjnk münchen launches campaign for hohes C Milde Säfte …

    … with the new slogan “Mild tut gut” and and the campaign tagline “Wer mild trinkt, kann nicht sauer sein”.

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  • thjnk strengthens its presence in Munich …

    … And founds the new location thjnk münchen.

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  • loved wins 17 ASTRID Awards.

    The publications LOVED&FOUND, Audi Magazin, GROHE Magazin and BFF Magazin by loved received a total of 5 golden, 7 silver and 5 bronze awards.

  • Our Karl Wolfgang Epple represents the young German talents at Cannes.

    Together with Pia Mader (JvM) he competes in the category “Print” at the Young Lions.

  • Jan Bechler joins thjnk as new Chief Digital Officer.

    Across all agency locations, the 35-year-old will be further developing and helping to shape the agency’s digitization process.

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  • Audi Germany and thjnk berlin stage spectacular coup…

    … for the new S line style Special Edition.

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