Angela Merkel is home at last.

As you may know, today marks Angela Merkel's last day as the chancellor of Germany. Therefore, IKEA and thjnk Berlin dedicate her one special farewell.

Today – December 8, the print ad is being published in two major German daily newspapers (Süddeutsche Zeitung and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung). Additionally, the picture is being widely spread on social media.

Responsible on the client's side:

Country Marketing Manager: Heiko Klauer
Marketing Comm. Manager: Stefanie Albert
Project Manager: Immacolata Lidia Costantino

Responsible on the agency's side thjnk Berlin:
Managing Director Creation: Stefan Schulte
Creative Director: Sabine Kuckuck
Creative Art: Armin Hassanzadeh
Managing Director Account: Hendrik Heine
Account Director: Carolin Uppenbrock
Account Manager Junior: Daniel Küsters
Producing Director: Charlott Stave

Responsible on the media's side Mediacom:
Senior Media Consultant: Nina Lemke
Media Consultant: Annalea Nickel

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