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Let's be honest: the internet is primarily for watching animal videos. The pitch for the first social media campaign by zooplus, the largest online supplier of pet supplies in Europe, required the most relevant of all content.

white dog sitting on the floor

Here, Upljft and his five office dogs were able to assert themselves in a multi-stage process and launched a full-funnel campaign, which focuses on an innovation from zooplus that will also inspire two-legged friends in particular: THE PAWTTON.

The communication starts with a social media stunt: zooplus teases an amazing innovation in a first video – the first technology that allows pets to shop themselves. For maximum credibility, the alleged shop button was specially made, integrated into the initial communication and thus became a sensational message for all pet owners.

But the supposed gadget is just the set-up for a bigger story. The resolution follows in another video: zooplus and its products are one thing above all, even without futuristic technology: "100% Paw Approved". The core idea of the campaign is that the quality of zooplus is as good as if it had been checked by the pets themselves. Product clips and other formats follow, featuring charming animal protagonists in humorous test situations show.

The highlight campaign includes the channels Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and TikTok. It is played both paid and organic in 25 countries with over 560 assets. The productions Sirensrock and The Shack were responsible for the realization of the shooting, video shooting and sound.

For Sarah Sunderbrink, Team Lead Social Media at zooplus, the campaign is a very special milestone: "The fact that our pets know exactly what they want and we could let them shop for themselves seemed like a wild idea at first, but then developed into an absolute heart project. With Upljft, we have found a creative and effective partner who has supported our idea from the start. With their creative skills,

the social media understanding as well as a common vision, our international campaign has now been expanded to 25 countries in a very short time.

We look forward to inspiring the social media community by making animals the protagonists they already are in our lives and convincing them that at zooplus, the welfare of our four-legged friends always comes first.”

“The chance to translate such a rewarding topic into a lively campaign doesn't come often in agency life. We were able to implement a concept here that is bold and surprising at first, and then, as soon as it is sure to attract attention, captivates with charm,” says Creative Director Hagen Dohr.

cat on a scratch tree being petted by a hand


Senior Account Manager: Darko Timotijevic

Creative Director: Eva Roth, Hagen Dohr

Senior Creative Art: Adriana Okroj, Sophia Hart

Senior Creative Copy: Pascal Mattwig

Senior Motion Designer: Mark Huff


Teamlead Social Media: Sarah Sunderbrink

Senior Social Media Manager: Kimberly Chau

Concept Support: Robert Seeger


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