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Only 42 per cent of people in Germany believe that we still have enough time to save the planet - a year ago this figure was 49 per cent*.

Instead of confidence and optimism, there is far too much frustration and resignation in Germany when it comes to sustainability. What we need now is a positive sign to give us courage.

Woman looking up at the sky on the motif is the slogan: ‘Can the climate still be saved? Positive!’ can be read
Kampagnenmotiv of the enercity campaign from 2024

Together with thjnk, the Hanover-based energy company enercity is developing a brand campaign that sets a positive signal for the future. Questions such as "Can everyone afford sustainability?", "Is green electricity really the solution?" or "Can we still save the climate?" are answered with a "Positive!" and the energy solutions from enercity.

Marco Malcangi, Head of Marketing at enercity: 'With the brand campaign and the focus on 'Positive', we have succeeded in strengthening our claim of 'positive energy'. It makes it clear that we really can do it! We have all the energy solutions we need to secure a green future."

Stefan Anlauf, Creative Director at thjnk: "Finally a campaign that doesn't paint a black and white picture of sustainability, but takes a hopeful stance. Optimism that isn't just based on beliefs, but on concrete measures that everyone can implement.

In addition to pure image messages, the campaign focuses on enercity's core themes of solar energy, green electricity, e-mobility, heat pumps and the energised, intelligent home. The campaign will run in out-of-home media in and around Hanover and will be accompanied by moving images on social media. Further flights will follow later in the year. *Source: Minte 07/2023


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