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Satellite TV is a thing of the past? Quite the opposite.

The new campaign from HD PLUS and thjnk, produced in collaboration with film production company Markenfilm and director Benjamin Brettschneider, shows that satellite TV is a thing of the past: Thanks to the new HD+ TV app, satellite TV is better than ever. So good, in fact, that it seems to have come straight from the future.

HD+ sends the best proof: A Horst Schlämmer from the future who visits Horst from the present and charmingly explains the advantages of the new HD+ TV app. True to the motto: Don't be Horst. Get the new HD+.

Hape Kerkeling has already transformed himself into Horst for an HD+ campaign in 2022. No one was better suited for the role than Horst Schlämmer - the hottest Horst in Germany. The fictional character celebrated his big comeback with the campaign (total reach of 998 million contacts). Representing all those who needed a little extra tuition on satellite TV, Horst playfully introduced the world of media libraries, search functions and sharp TV.

The current campaign now takes on a new dimension: Horst receives a visit to his cosy little terraced house - from his own version of the future. He is as charming as the original, but dressed in the latest fashions: a metallic trench coat, flashing shoes and futuristic glasses that reveal a surprise or two at the touch of a button. But the key advantage over his present-day doppelganger? He already knows the benefits of the new HD+ TV app.

The new design is tailored to the user's personal interests. They receive personalised TV tips, can pause and restart live TV programmes or browse several media libraries at the same time.

Anika Köpping, Head of Marketing at HD+: "The new HD+ TV app can do more than just deliver sharp television. It takes satellite TV to a new level of convenience - with unprecedented usability and functions. And who better to tell this story in a campaign than the Horst double act of Horst Schlämmer and "Horst from the future?"

And what the TV app can't do yet and probably never will, such as levitating the rollmops onto the table as a TV snack or beaming himself onto the couch from anywhere, Horst makes up for with his superhuman abilities.

"Horst Schlämmer has already been seen in many strange situations, but the double Horst power brings a whole new dimension to the popular character in German living rooms," says Hans-Peter Sporer, Managing Director of Creation thjnk Munich.

The campaign kicks off with a 27-second TV commercial, which will be broadcast in Germany from 8 December. In addition, there will be a longer online version of the TV commercial and online films on the individual features such as "Pause", "Restart", "Search Media Library", "TV Tips" and the benefit "HD+ can do more than just sharp TV". The campaign will also be present on radio, in print advertising, on social media and on OOH and POS advertising media.


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