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Kick-off of the new partnership with "Long live life".

house wall with poster on which a man and a woman hug and smile

thjnk Zürich is Helsana's new lead agency. The agency, which recently celebrated its 5th anniversary, was able to successfully assert itself in a multi-stage pitch. The first jointly developed campaign is now starting.

With the new "Long live life" campaign, Helsana celebrates the uniqueness of life and the value of our health. The life-affirming messages are intended to inspire the population to embrace life in all its facets.

This is how TV spots were developed that pick up on two completely opposite emotions: laughing and crying. The films back up the health aspects of these emotions with scientific facts. Laughter, for example, stimulates blood circulation and boosts the immune system. Crying reduces stress hormones and strengthens social bonds.

A novelty is that the spots are switched in tandem. The media duality illuminates the entire spectrum of our emotional world. The clear message from Helsana: life is worth living. every life. Anytime.

The TV spots are flanked by digital advertising media such as online videos, animated banners and digital out-of-home and posters.


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