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With a new, long-term umbrella campaign, the Munich brewery Hacker-Pschorr wants to give the brand more visibility and sharpen its profile.

Two men sitting on a summit drinking beer

With this goal in mind, the Munich office of the Hamburg agency group thjnk was able to prevail against several competitors last summer and now implement the campaign idea from the pitch together with its new client.

“Hacker-Pschorr and the claim “Heaven of Bavaria” have belonged together for years. And the sky here does not stand for a place but for a feeling and what makes Bavaria so special. Thjnk translated this into strong images in the pitch and now also in the implementation and got to the point. That convinced us and also the consumers in advance in a motif test. We are pleased that the first campaign is now starting,” says Henner Höper, Marketing Director, Paulaner Brewery Group. The communication focuses on the typical Bavarian attitude to life: on the one hand characterized by the beautiful nature that makes Bavaria a place of longing for many. And with its mountains and lakes, it provides unique moments in the "Heaven of Bavaria". And on the other hand filled with life by the people who are at home here and share these moments with each other - whether on a mountain peak or directly in the city on the banks of the Isar. Accompanied by a Hacker-Pschorr, which is simply part of it. According to this motto, the campaign motifs with the claim "Welcome to the heaven of Bavaria." to enjoy the Bavarian way of life together. In each case, usage situations are shown in the midst of dreamlike surroundings, supported by headlines that make you want to enjoy Bavarian style together. “The Bavarian way of life is a very special attitude towards life, characterized by the beautiful moments in nature, even in the middle of the city, which can be experienced here. A feeling that the Hacker-Pschorr brand represents for everyone in Munich and Bavaria. And that we like to share with each other - preferably with a beer from Hacker-Pschorr in the Bavarian sky," says Hans-Peter Sporer, Creative Director, thjnk Munich. For the real Bavarian flair, the campaign relies on locations that are just as real for the campaign motifs. It was deliberately avoided to create an artificial, unrealistic image of Bavaria, which only emerges with the help of complex composing of image material from all over the world. Instead, the motifs were shot at original Bavarian places of longing that are actually in the Munich area and show Bavaria as it is. Photographer Jan-Eric Euler was responsible for the photographic implementation of the campaign motifs. The backdrop for this was, among other things, the summit of the Rabenkopf in the Munich foothills of the Alps, the Lautersee and the Walchensee. The Roserbrothers took over the production of supplementary digital content, which is mainly used on social media. In the first flight, Munich Hell is the focus. The motifs of the first of a total of four flights can be seen from July 9th, 2021 in Germany as Out-Of-Home and Digital-Out-Of-Home, online on YouTube, on digital banners and on social media.


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