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Updated: Aug 29, 2023

The new IKEA annual campaign tells the story of a wonderful friendship that begins with a lightbulb.

two men and a woman sitting in a camper van

Our home: this is where a large part of our everyday life takes place. Unfortunately, the doors to our holy of holies have remained closed all too often in recent months. IKEA wants to open these doors and hearts wide again with the new campaign "Knock Knock - door open for life". Home is a sense of security, and it's the people we share it with that make it the most important place in the world. The truth: It takes courage to open the door for someone, because you never know who is waiting for us behind them. Maybe it's your new best friend.

The new IKEA annual campaign is dedicated to the home, a place that is taking on so many new meanings right now. In the first part of the “Life at Home Movements”, IKEA addresses the courage to innovate. Wonderful things can grow and emerge if only our doors are opened. That's the essence of the new IKEA spot, Knock Knock, which focuses on a lifelong friendship.

“Home is not just a collection of things and furnishings. Rather, it is this feeling that it triggers in us that makes our life and everyday life a little bit better. IKEA wants to inspire people to share this feeling and open their homes to new encounters.” says Stefanie Albert, Marketing Communications Manager at IKEA Germany.

And Stefan Schulte, Managing Director Creation at thjnk Berlin, adds: “Ultimately, this life is about connections. To ourselves, to others. Home is in the truest sense our home base, which we see as a meeting place.”

The campaign will be kicked off on September 20 by the film in various formats. The video content is widely used on TV, online and in social media. Rabbicorn Films was responsible for production. Directed by the duo Dr. Bowman.

MediaCom is responsible for the media planning of all accompanying OOH measures as well as digital media.

Further integrated measures come from the IKEA agency pool:

MediaCom is responsible for the entire media planning of all classic and digital media. The spot will be shown from September 20th. used in a wide-ranging TV and online video flight. The embassy is supported by a wide-ranging OOH flight in 10 major cities. Attention-grabbing formats such as giant posters, townfences, special allocations in malls, large areas and DOOH are used.

Publicis Sapient extends the campaign to the social media channels. Almost traditionally, the TV spot celebrates its premiere on Facebook the weekend before it is broadcast on TV. During the campaign period, IKEA Facebook fans will encounter other humorous snippets from the spot. With the help of an interactive quiz, Instagram users can then use the stories to prove their spot knowledge.

In addition to the spot itself, the content aspects of the campaign on the social media channels play a major role: lots of tips about opening doors and lasting well-being in your own home - whether with or without guests - can be found on Instagram, Pinterest and of course also in the new YouTube episodes Tips & Tricks, which are published every Tuesday afternoon.

Plan.Net Performance: supports the campaign in the field of performance marketing (SEA, SEO, affiliate).


Country Marketing Manager: Heiko Klauer

Marketing Comm. Manager: Stefanie Albert

Projekt Director: Immacolata Lidia Costantino

Project Team: Sarah Scheurer, Kerstin Güngerich, Annette Wolfstein, Natanja Marija Grün, Almut Schwarz, Peter Kleeßen, Jan Kimpel, Sabine Pracht, Fariss Tajjiou

Corporate Communications: Isolde Debus-Spangenberg, Denise Greiner, Simone Settergren

Interior Design Leader: Michael Haas


Director Creation: Stefan Schulte

Creative Director: Sabine Kuckuck

Creative Art: Sophie Kearney, Stephan Nürge, Philipp Schwarzbauer, Anina Dion, Lucca Cremer

Creative Copy: Benjamin Hänsel, Maximilian Lange-Brandenburg

Strategy Director: Stephan Friedrich

Director Consulting: Hendrik Heine

Account Director: Carolin Uppenbrock

Account Manager Senior: Johannes Markendorf

Account Manager: Mona Bergemann

Account Manager Junior: Daniel Küsters

Producing Director: Charlott Stave

Senior Art Producer: Caroline Walczok


Film Production: Rabbicorn Films GmbH

Executive Producer: Lennart Frohne

Producer: Hakan Çirak

Regie/ DoP: Dr. Bowman

1st AD: Hendrik Holler

Editor: Alex Kutka

Styling: Heike Fademrecht

Mask: Nadin Wagner & Kieu Anh-Duong

Equipment: Kirsten Garbade

Music: Massive Music

Post Production: Sehsucht Berlin GmbH

Sound: Kraatz Studios GmbH


Creative Director: Britta Schöffler

Community Manager: Anne Rassner, Michaela Maat

Concept Developer: Florian Kares

Client Partner: Stephan Ritter

Manager Program Management: Ines Seitz

Senior Strategist: Pia Loroff

Art Senior: Katharina Günther, Jessica Sanders, Gülsah Uyanik

Account Delivery Lead: Sebastian Jandrey

Project Manager: Daria Tarusina, Julia Böhme

Teamhund: Oldi


General Manager: Markus Baumann

Account Manager: Christian Czasch


Group Head Media Consulting: Minna Guse

Senior Media Consultant: Nina Lemke, Peter Wiedemann


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