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Loved has been appointed lead agency for the subsidiary of the US Railroad Development Corporation (RDC) and will be responsible for strategic, conceptual and creative counsel, particularly in the area of ongoing communication via social media.

Loved, which is part of the thjnk Group and specialises in brand experience, won the agency pitch with the slogan "Traction that connects".

In addition to managing all social media channels, loved developed and implemented the overall brand and content strategy for all channels.

Dr Markus Hunkel, Managing Director of RDC Group: "We chose loved because they offer us everything from brand consulting to community management. This is a key principle for us to deliver a seamless, holistic brand experience across all touchpoints".

Vincent Hartig, Chief Strategy Officer at loved: "There was a direct match between the RDC Group and us, the task was a perfect fit and the interpersonal relationship even more so. With the initial plan to take RDC's social media activities to the next level, we quickly realised that we needed to work on the brand first and then take a holistic view of the ecosystem. Our work has already come to life on the social channels, where we have achieved great results".


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