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Follow-up campaign to the Effie Silver winner «Been there. Done that."

poster on a building on which a woman is diving with her surfboard under a wave

Sometimes you have to go away to appreciate what you have at home. Maybe that's one of the reasons why traveling is so popular among the Swiss. When you travel, you always leave something you know behind in order to discover something new – a new country, a new language, a new culture.

Based on this insight, thjnk Zurich developed the new brand identity for Edelweiss. At a time when people's wanderlust has increased significantly due to the great individual limitations, the new mechanism "Leave. Love." to dream.

"Edelweiss has been consistently pursuing a premium leisure approach for a number of years," says Yves Rückert, Head of Brand Management and Marketing Communications at Edelweiss. "With us, the guests discover the most beautiful sides of the world, the Grandezza pictures underline this promise impressively".

The new campaign can be seen in 10 different advertising formats, from the advertising space at Zurich Airport to print and social media channels to advertising blocks on television and in the open-air cinemas.


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