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For years, thjnk has been working with its clients to develop powerful and unexpected ideas on the topic of sustainability. Now the creative agency has gone one step further and founded the cross-agency brand thjnk green.

Woman in green dress and man in suit stand in front of wall of small tiles

For years, thjnk has been developing powerful and unexpected ideas on the subject of sustainability with its customers - which have a lasting effect. The creative agency has now gone one step further and founded the agency group brand thjnk green. With one important goal: no proselytizing, no dogmas, no greenwashing - instead transparency and accessible storytelling. Lea Müller, psychologist and strategist at thjnk, and Hendrik Heine, managing director of thjnk Berlin, manage the brand. A competence center that has big plans - for the cooperation with the customers. thjnk green's offer is interdisciplinary and offers both modular advice and independent support for projects and customers. Lea Müller: “When it comes to sustainability, we believe in enthusiasm, not in paternalism. We want to support people, brands and companies in starting their journey towards a more valuable, sustainable future – no matter where they are: dialogical, dynamic and bold.” The psychologist is not concerned with brands and companies understanding their ecological responsibility - because they have long since done so. It's about the common path and the HOW of the whole thing. Müller and Heine understand the cooperation as one that does not linger on unnecessary processes, but is pragmatic and honest on the part of the customer and agency. Means: offensively and radically recognizing the status quo, understanding the levers in communication and above all: no longer hiding behind the “yes, but”. Hendrik Heine: “We all understood that it was long after 12. We're just not making any headway. We need to get rid of binaries, of blame, of division. We have to develop narratives that give the broad masses access to an important feeling: Yes, that works, that makes a difference, I'm part of it. We develop exactly these strategies, this story, these executions.” thjnk green does not understand sustainability in its ecological limitations, but thinks ahead: socially, economically, procedurally. Also and especially in the cooperation with customers and partners. thjnk CEO and co-founder Karen Heumann: “Making the world as sustainable as possible was and is an integral part of thjnk’s DNA. In our own doings and actions, in the work for and with our customers. With thjnk green, we are now bundling the expertise we have gained over the years into a particularly powerful offering led by our greatest sustainability experts, Lea and Hendrik. We identify what is now feasible. Not tomorrow or sometime. And implement it effectively.” thjnk green is currently working for customers such as IKEA, Naturland, Alpro and Steinbeiss.


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