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Updated: Jan 26

The thyssenkrupp Quarter in Essen is opening up further to tenants from all over the world - with a new naming and branding created by the agency loved as "ruhr tech kampus essen".

thyssenkrupp has already successfully welcomed new tenants to the thyssenkrupp Quartier in Essen, creating one of the most modern and sustainable technology centres in Europe. The former thyssenkrupp Quarter, designed by Chaix & Morel et associeés and JSWD Architekten, stands for openness, encounter and communication. The aim now is to turn the quarter, which was previously known throughout Germany, into an independent, attractive brand with charisma, to promote synergies and to strengthen Essen as a technology metropolis.

With the "ruhr tech kampus essen" brand created by loved, the district has been transformed into an open innovation location that serves as a role model for future developments in Germany in terms of resource conservation, ecology and digitalisation.

The new name reflects the focus of thyssenkrupp's business areas and external tenants and underlines the development of the Essen technology cluster. The location in the centre of the Ruhr area forms the bracket, while the "tech kampus" emphasises the innovative aspect. the t and k in the name are a smiling reminder of thyssenkrupp's heritage.

The corporate design developed by loved was conceived from the outset as a flexible design system with the logo at its centre. This is derived from the pioneering architecture of the campus. From this, a corporate design was created that breathes life into the new campus at every touch point. The designs are now gradually being implemented on site to reflect the new, more open use as "ruhr tech kampus essen".

Michael Jacobs, Chief Client Officer, said: "Working with the thyssenkrupp team, it was important for us to treat the substance of the neighbourhood with care and respect - but also to develop a new identity as a signal of openness, the future and the innovative aspirations of the neighbourhood. At the same time, we wanted to ensure that the area remained calm and self-confident in the Ruhr metropolis of Essen. With the new, open and flexible design of the district, the team has succeeded very well".

With e.on and Siemens, high-calibre tenants have already been secured for the campus.


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