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thjnk and Ströer with million-dollar campaign against harassment at work.

poster on an electronic billboard in a mall

These are terrible, sexist sentences that are still being used in offices and factories and are now being provocatively brought to inner cities as part of a campaign – to shake things up, to change!

The goal: to successfully implement the "PetitionC190" legislative initiative. This campaign, initiated by Ursula Karven, devised by the advertising agency thjnk and placed by the market leader for outdoor advertising, Ströer, was launched today.

The initiative was launched in July 2021 at the "Frauen 100" event of the PR Agency "Hell & Karrer" made public for the first time with great support from their women's network.

Idea of the thjnk campaign: On digital billboards, which Ströer makes available in all major German cities, you can initially see sentences such as: "She just needs to be fucked properly again" or "You have to reckon with that if you're wearing a miniskirt". These quotes are then overwritten beyond recognition – by signatures. Real signatures from people supporting the "PetitionC190" on

Background: In Germany alone, 63% of women and 49% of men state that they have already noticed gender-specific attacks or were affected themselves (source: BMFSJ).

Ursula Karven was the initiator of the petition, which provides, among other things, that victims have access to trustworthy offers of help everywhere, as well as support in sanctions against perpetrators.

Over 50,000 supporters had signed within a week. Ursula Karven presented the signatures to the then Federal Minister of Justice, Christine Lambrecht. First success: The "PetitionC190" is now part of the coalition agreement.

Ursula Karven: “The coalition took note of our petition, put it in writing and thus made it clear that our concern is serious to them. I really enjoyed that. I will be even happier if this becomes a concrete law. Because the time of lip service must finally come to an end - every vote counts."

thjnk CEO Karen Heumann: “Workplaces should be places for growth – not places for intimidation. For us at thjnk, it goes without saying that we support the PetitionC190 with our pro bono campaign in order to advance this socially important topic.”

Udo Müller, founder and co-CEO of Ströer: "We fight against discrimination and support educational campaigns such as 'PetitionC190'. We help to make the topic visible and to sensitize people in public space to this important topic.”

With the nationwide citation campaign for the "PetitionC190", even more signatures are to be collected and the pressure on the federal government is now to be increased even further. It is time that the declaration of intent of the coalition agreement became law.

Link to the petition:


Marketing Director: Ursula Karven


Executive Creative Director: Armin Jochum, Georg Baur, Torben Otten, Hans Peter Sporer

Creative Director Art: Dimitrios Arampatzioglou

Strategy: Lukas Hartmann, Daniel Neye

Digital Supervision: Tim Jessulat

Account Director: Ricarda Jacob

Account Manager Junior: Sophie Körberg


Creative Producer: Hendrik Raufmann

Animation: Ivo Silveira

Project Coordination/Media: Rudi Humml


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