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IKEA offers inspiration and support for the changes in the home - no matter how big they may be. thjnk looks forward to communicating exciting, creative answers to all aspects of life with IKEA over the next few years.

a singel bed, a double bed, and a baby bed in a row

Change - hardly any other word triggers so much fear and insecurity in people, but also so much palpitations and joie de vivre.

In times like these, when change is a constant companion, many ask themselves:

What is this change doing to me? With my everyday life? with my home?

IKEA offers inspiration and support for the changes in life at home - no matter how big they may be. Thjnk looks forward to communicating exciting, smart and creative answers to all situations in the home with IKEA in the years to come.

The new communication platform "Inspired by Life" shows the big and small opportunities behind every change.

In the moving image part of the campaign, we accompany a young couple as they visit their first apartment together. We see them daydreaming about their future – and sometimes imagining life together very differently. Told with an intimacy that might remind viewers of one or the other moment of their own infatuated re-discovery. "Inspired by life".

The statement: No matter what comes, we can accompany you. IKEA learns from life. To inspire for life.

Stefan Schulte, Managing Director Creation thjnk Berlin: "With our new platform 'Inspired by life' we have managed to reinterpret the optimistic and realistic role of the brand in people's lives - and hopefully many people will be able to take part in theirs in the coming years can accompany small and large changes."

The communication platform has already made its first appearance in a few places, such as at this year's IKEA Festival. From October 25, IKEA will be bringing the new message to the streets, to televisions and to smartphones in Germany – and from January 2023 in the Austrian and Swiss markets.

In the high-reach media (TV, online video, social media and OOH), viewers can now discover the first campaign of this communication platform.

And the out-of-home motifs also show what role IKEA can play in the constantly changing and growing lives of consumers. From a single bed to a cot, from a high chair to a wing chair.

It is a well-known fact that you grow with your tasks – and IKEA grows with you.

Further integrated measures come from the IKEA agency pool:

MediaCom is responsible for media planning and focuses on high-reach media. For this purpose, the spot is used on TV (30" and 20") as well as in online video (20" and 6") and social video (6"). In addition, visibility is supported by a national OOH flight.

Publicis Sapient is extending the campaign to the German-speaking markets via social networks.

Plan.Net Performance supports the campaign in the area of performance

Marketing (SEA, SEO, Affiliates).

Thanks for producing and directing the moving image goes to BWGTBLD and Stefanie Soho.

three shelves with decoration


Country Marketing Manager: Heiko Klauer

Marketing Comm. Manager: Stefanie Albert

Responsible project managers: Immacolata Lidia Costantino

Responsible Anna Katharina Dietrich, Christina Goldmann-Reichert

Responsible Social: Natanja Marija Grün

Responsible Media: Jan Kimpel, Fariss Tajjiou

Corporate Communications: Denise Greiner

Interior Design Leader: Michael Haas


Creation Manager: Stefan Schulte

Executive Creative Director: Sabine Kuckuck

Creative Directors: Berthold Brodowski, Andreas Richter, Ralf Schröder

Creative Art: Stephan Nurge

Creative Copy: Jens Christl, Maximilian Lange-Brandenburg

Strategy Director: Isabelle Rogat

Managing Director Consulting: Hendrik Heine

Account Director: Stephanie Schmitz

Producing: Benjamin Calcott, Laura Fruchtnicht


Producer: Carolin Sunshine

Photographer: Dirk Weyer

Equipment: Kirsten Garbade

Post production: David Kowalski


Film Production: BWGTBLD GmbH

Executive Producer: Jakob Preischl

Producer: Tom Ehrhardt

Post Production: bEpic GmbH

Post Producer: Filomena Alder

Directed by Stefanie Soho

DoP: Mathieu Plainfossé

Editor: Nick Kohler

Styled by Julia Quante

Mask: Nadin Wagner

Equipment: Kirsten Garbade

Music DC: Yehezkel Raz

Music 45”, 30”, 20”: Eirik Røland

Sound: Staub Audio / Kraatz Studios GmbH


MediaCom agency for media advice GmbH

Director Media Consulting: Minna Guse

Group Head Digital Media Consulting: Sarina Drexhage

Media Consulting: Annalea Nickel

Junior Media Consulting: Kim Zimmerman


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