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The current campaign by SOS Kinderdorf in cooperation with thjnk addresses the problem of neglected children who have the feeling that their distress is not being seen and makes the suffering visible in an emotional way.

little girl on bench at bus stop

The situation in the world is currently not easy for anyone - a state of emergency has been in force for more than two years. The current crises are bringing more and more families to their limits and putting a strain on the children.

In Germany alone, around 60,000 children suffer mentally or physically every day. No hug, no clean clothes, no breakfast: many neglected children are on their own. Without parental care, they have to start looking after themselves from a young age – and yet they suffer every day. But it is precisely this excessive demand and fear of children and young people that often remains invisible in our society.

The current campaign by SOS Children's Villages in cooperation with thjnk takes on this problem and makes the unseen suffering visible in an emotional way: neglected children who have the feeling that they are not being seen in their distress and are slowly becoming less aware of their surroundings safely disappear illustrate the serious consequences of this form of child endangerment.

With 27km, directed by Arne Totz, SOS Children's Villages and thjnk have released a heart-rending film that powerfully draws attention to the problem of neglect. At the same time, the film would like to appeal to support the work of SOS Children's Villages in Germany.

"Even if it's not easy for most of them at the moment - children who suffer from neglect need our help now more than ever," says Elke Tesarczyk, Head of Marketing at SOS Children's Villages, "because family crises, whether financial or emotional Art, are one of the biggest risk factors for neglect.”

The film, which is intended to intensify the willingness to donate in the coming Christmas season, is accompanied by a comprehensive campaign with various print and online measures. A serious, important and touchingly communicated topic that needs more attention than ever, especially in difficult economic times.


Head of Marketing: Elke Tesarczyk

Head of Digital Marketing, Campaigns & Innovation: Anna Poenisch

Head of Brand Dialogue: Thomas Laker

Content Marketing Officer: Isabelle Hein

Marketing Officer: Melanie Behla


Managing Partner: Thomas Canzar

Managing Partner: Hans-Peter Sporer

Creative Director Art: Dimitrios Arampatzioglou

Creative Director Copy: Ludwig Rist

Creative Art Senior: Daniel Machauer

Creative Copy Senior: Edvina Zimmer

Creative Art: Sophia Raab

Creative Junior Copy: Luis Groitl

Client Service Director: Stefanie Meinikat

Account Manager: Lea Wahlhäuser

Agentur Producer: Henning Körner

Strategy Director: Matthias Buratti


Director: Arne Totz

Executive Producer: Philip Huber

Producer: Julian Pfretzschner

Junior Creative: Amy Sander

Music: 2wei


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