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After the successful comeback of the cult brand BIONADE, the Munich branch of the agency group thjnk also takes over the creation of the new Mate product range.

Hands with bottles cheersing

"With "Because honestly good." "We have already created an umbrella and a tonality for the classic soft drinks from BIONADE that have a very high recognition value. That's why we are connecting here with the communication for BIONADE Mate - as usual self-ironic, dry and honest.", says Hans-Peter Sporer, Managing Director Creation, thjnk Munich.

With the three BIONADE Mate varieties "Pur", "Lime" and "Peach", which promise invigorating activation, the organic pioneer is targeting a younger target group. All varieties contain real mate infusion and, like the classics, are 100% organic, without additives and with at least 30% less sugar than conventional sugar-sweetened lemonades.

For the appearance of BIONADE Mate, stylistic elements were used that are reminiscent of the South American origin of the drink: stylized, colorful patterns and an illustrated alpaca. The character of the alpaca, which was specially created for the BIONADE Mate Range, alludes to the target group - it is curious, likeable and creative. That makes it the perfect brand ambassador.

In accordance with the young target group, the focus of the advertising material is not only on out-of-home motifs, but above all on the digital area: a mix of 10-second online spots and banners. There is also an alpaca hike with hotel accommodation to be won in a POS campaign. Sehsucht was responsible for the production and the Giesing team for the soundtrack.

The three BIONADE Mate varieties have been available in stores nationwide since April 2021. The campaign will run throughout Germany until September 12, 2021.


Head of Marketing: Svenja Lonicer

Project Director: Judith Blasinger, Eva Maria Scheubeck


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