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thjnk AND loved RECEIVE 18 NAILS AT ADC 2022

For working for clients ohhh! Foundation, Ochsner Sport, IKEA, Flink, Deutsche Bahn and Petition C190 there was a total of 1x gold, 3x silver, 14x bronze and 15 awards.

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The loved and the ohhh! Foundation are happy about 1x gold, 2x silver and 2x bronze for the information platform "". Together with IKEA, thjnk Berlin wins 6x bronze and 9 awards as well as 1x silver and 2x bronze with Flink. thjnk Zurich received 1x silver, 1x bronze and 2 awards with Ochsner Sport. For "With sexism against sexism" thjnk AG with Ursula Karven, Frauen100 and Hell&Karrer won 1x gold, 1x bronze and 2 awards. thjnk Hamburg won 2x bronze and 1x award with Deutsche Bahn.


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