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NATURLAND, the world's largest organic association with over 140,000 producers in 60 countries, has a new agency: thjnk Berlin.

Naturland Logo mit einer 40

The capital city office of the agency group thjnk around the managing directors Hendrik Heine and Stefan Schulte was able to assert itself in a multi-stage selection process and thus further strengthen its sustainability competence. Annette Bruhns, Head of Communication at NATURLAND: “thjnk Berlin convinced us on all levels. In particular, the strategic approach and the desire to really understand NATURLAND were decisive. We are not concerned with clumsy environmental romance, but with a thoroughly humorous and light-footed approach. Because: In the 40 years of its existence, NATURLAND has arrived in all social classes - from organic food shops to supermarkets. thjnk Berlin will help us tell this story”. Hendrik Heine, Managing Director Consulting thjnk Berlin: “We are intoxicated that we can support NATURLAND in their great vision: 100 percent organic worldwide. In a strong, democratic social community committed to preserving the planet. Eco is not a luxury, especially from a global perspective. Eco is a matter of survival. We are happy to tell this story together with NATURLAND.” The mandate includes the communicative-strategic support of the brand. thjnk Berlin is currently developing the first measures that will appear in the second half of 2022 as part of the 40th anniversary of NATURLAND. About NATURLAND: The non-profit association was founded in Bavaria in 1982 by farmers, scientists and citizens. With lasting success: 140,000 organic producers in 60 countries around the world work according to the strict NATURLAND guidelines - more are constantly being added. In April 2022, NATURLAND heralds its anniversary: the organic association is celebrating 40 years of organic farming, 40 years of social commitment, 40 years of regional and international cooperation. Today NATURLAND is the largest international organic association. The vision of the founders: 100 percent organic worldwide, and that in the areas of agriculture, fish farming, forestry, beekeeping, winemaking and horticulture. NATURLAND is the only organic association to date that also certifies organic forests. Already 13 years before the EU - in 1996 - Naturland defined guidelines for organic aquaculture. Since 2010, Naturland has also certified organic and fair from a single source.


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