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Two top promotions from our own ranks:

Sabine Kuckuck and Felix von der Mosel will complete the management team at thjnk Hamburg from 1 July. Sabine and Felix will join Lin Lehn on the management board of the Hamburg office of the renowned agency group. Sabine Kuckuck takes over as Managing Director of the Creation division. She has been with thjnk since it was founded in 2012 and has played a key role in numerous national and international campaigns for well-known brands. Under her creative direction, IKEA was voted the most popular brand in Germany and the award-winning creative is a jury member at national and international award shows and a speaker at industry events.

Felix von der Mosel is promoted to Managing Director Strategy. He joined thjnk from Accenture Song at the beginning of 2023 as Strategy Director with central responsibility. In his first year at thjnk, Felix has already left his mark on the day-to-day business and major pitches - most recently winning the Deka account together with the Berlin office.

Felix started his career in 2005 as a creative with an apprenticeship at the Texterschmiede (now: Hamburg School of Ideas), won numerous awards as a creative and switched to strategy after studying business administration. in his new role, Felix has already looked after various FMCG brands through to tech and entertainment brands such as Google and bwin. Other stations in his career include Territory, Scholz & Friends and Zum goldenen Hirschen.

"A single thought has the power to change everything" - this is Thjnk's credo, more relevant than ever in an age of increasingly complex communication channels and processes.

The single, clear thought not only provides direction, but ultimately ensures powerful communication that gets people talking and makes brands distinctive. Finding and realising this one idea works best when creation, strategy and consulting are optimally interlinked.

Lin Lehn, Managing Director of thjnk Hamburg: "The world of our clients and their brands is becoming increasingly complex. We need this triad of disciplines to find the right approaches and solutions. Sabine and Felix are my dream team - for all the opportunities, potential and challenges we will face. I am very much looking forward to the combined strength we will unleash for Hamburg.

Sabine Kuckuck: "There's this magic when the right people come together and it's all about one thought. I'm looking forward to delivering the best we can imagine with Lin and Felix and all the great people at thjnk Hamburg. It's going to be good.

Felix von der Mosel adds: "Every successful brand is based on a clear, unambiguous idea. From a strategic point of view, there is hardly anything more attractive than putting this at the centre of your work. That's what has always defined thjnk for me. I feel honoured to be able to bring this aspiration to life together with Lin and Sabine.

For Armin Jochum, CEO and co-founder of thjnk, the reorganisation of the Hamburg-based management team is an important step towards successfully positioning thjnk for the future: "I am particularly pleased that with Sabine and Felix we have been able to recruit two high-calibre people from our own ranks to take up this position alongside Lin. They stand for many things - but above all for an unmistakable creative signature.


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