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Updated: Aug 29, 2023

The strong series of successes of the Munich thjnk location continues. After Curalie, Helios Global Health, Dehner and Jimdo, the team can claim another prestigious account win.

sad little girl sitting on stairs

The strong series of successes of the Munich thjnk location continues. After Curalie, Helios Global Health, Dehner and Jimdo, the team around Thomas Canzar and Hans-Peter Sporer can claim another prestigious budget win. The agency was able to assert itself in the pitch with an emotional concept on the subject of child neglect and at the same time becomes the creative agency of SOS-Kinderdorf e.V.

SOS Children's Villages supports children and families in difficult circumstances at 240 locations in Germany so that children can grow up in a secure environment. The NGO offers support and opens up future opportunities so that disadvantaged children can also shape their lives successfully.

The central task of the pitch was to develop an awareness and donation campaign to draw attention to the issue of child neglect in Germany. A problem that still receives too little public attention, although the numbers are frightening: in 2020 alone, the physical and mental well-being of almost 60,600 children and young people was endangered. More than half were neglected. Every 13 minutes a child had to be taken from the family for their own protection.

“The topic of child neglect in particular needs strong communication in order to attract the necessary attention. The children suffer in silence - and neglect does not produce sensational images. The careful handling of the topic and the protection of the children have top priority for us. thjnk Munich has succeeded in creating a campaign that takes this into account and at the same time draws attention.” adds Elke Tesarczyk, Head of Marketing.

The holistically designed campaign will start in June with the activating message: "Help neglected children whose suffering nobody can see." The communication measures, designed to last three quarters, show impressively that the suffering of neglected children often lies hidden and is not noticed by the social environment - as if they were invisible.

In the first two campaign flights, online and social formats as well as OOH are primarily used. In the last quarter of the year, TV is also planned as a medium for a broad target group, as well as a long version of a film for online use. Especially around Christmas, the main goal is to generate donations for the work of SOS Children's Villages. But also to create awareness for the problems and needs of children and at the same time to explain how a donation to SOS Children's Villages helps to support children and their families.

Hans-Peter Sporer, Managing Director thjnk Munich:

“The dire suffering of children is often right before our eyes – and we don't know or see it. Developing a campaign for such an important and touching topic was a very special creative challenge that also required a great deal of sensitivity when it came to implementation. I very much hope that our work for SOS Children's Villages will make a significant contribution to supporting neglected children in the long term."

27km, directed by Arne Totz, is responsible for producing the moving image formats for online and TV. The stills were photographed by Constantin Mirbach.


Head of Marketing Department: Elke Tesarczyk

Head of brand dialogue: Thomas Laker

Head of Digital Marketing, Campaigns & Innovation: Anna Poenisch

Advisor for digital campaigns: Melanie Behla

Content Marketing Consultant: Isabelle Hein


MD Advice: Thomas Canzar

GF Creation: Hans-Peter Sporer

Creative Director Art: Dimitrios Arampatzioglou

Creative Director Copy: Ludwig Rist

Creative Art Senior: Daniel Machauer

Creative Copy Senior: Edvina Zimmer

Creative Art: Sophia Raab

Creative Junior Copy: Luis Groitl

Client Service Director: Stefanie Meinikat

Account Manager Junior: Lea Wahlhäuser

Agency Producer: Henning Körner

Strategy Director: Matthias Buratti


Produktion: 27 Kilometers Entertainment GmbH

Executive Producer: Philip Huber

Produzent: Julian Pfretzschner

Director: Arne Totz

DoP: Niko Knoblauch


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