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After thjnk Munich was able to assert itself against its competitors in the pitch for the Curalie health platform at the beginning of the year, the team around Thomas Canzar and Hans-Peter Sporer is happy about another success story: The agency is now also taking care of the international budget of Helios Global Health.

Gebäude mit leuchtendem Eingang

Europe's leading private healthcare provider employs over 120,000 medical experts worldwide and thus treats around 20 million people every year in all medical areas. Now the network would like to use its strong infrastructure and take a new, big step towards the future. The ambitious goal is to make the specialist knowledge and medical expertise accessible to people worldwide. And to tackle one of the biggest problems of our time: more than half of all people worldwide do not have comprehensive access to basic medical care. In many countries, catastrophic conditions prevail for the people - there is a lack of the necessary financial means and qualified personnel to build up our own local medical infrastructure across the board. With three innovative components, Helios Global Health wants to revolutionize the future of healthcare. These include the digital health platform Curalie, the Digital Hospital (telemedicine) and the newly launched physical CUBE (C4U2BE – Care for you to be). The CUBE is a mobile medical walk-in unit that can be flexibly adapted anywhere in the world. The CUBE can be set up flexibly anywhere - for example in shopping centers or as a stand-alone solution. The CUBE enables the physical component that is necessary for adequate healthcare. For example, lung and cardiovascular diseases and diabetes can be medically monitored and treated. On April 4, Helios Global Health presented the CUBE and the associated innovative concept for improving healthcare worldwide to the public for the first time in Leipzig. Guests from over 20 nations took part in the premiere. The Munich office of the thjnk group is now supporting Helios Global Health in positioning and developing the global brand, which is intended to unite this comprehensive, innovative range under one strong roof. In addition, the agency will oversee the subsequent large-scale rollout of the campaign and communication measures along the entire customer journey in countries such as Vietnam, Kenya, Ghana and Colombia - more countries will follow in 2023. Thomas Canzar, Managing Director thjnk Munich: “We are very happy about this exciting cooperation. Especially in times when the term purpose is often overused, it is a special incentive to support Helios in making a real difference for better healthcare worldwide.” Daniela Hommel, CFO, Strategy & Innovation Helios Global Health, adds: “In thjnk we have gained a partner for this innovative task, who was able to convince us from the start with his strategic understanding and his clear approach. The agency was able to convince us of its creative potential right from the launch of Curalie and we are now looking forward to bringing this great, innovative offer to life worldwide.”


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