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Kick-off for the new collaboration between Denner and thjnk Zurich with the claim "Close to you".

Mann mit Baby auf dem Arm im Supermarkt

thjnk Zurich will take over image communication for Denner in the future. The agency was able to successfully assert itself in a pitch and is now presenting the first joint work. With over 830 supermarkets, the full-range retailer has one of the densest branch networks in Switzerland. This is also promised by the new claim “Close to you”. In the new campaign, this claim is staged with a film. A baby wakes up and realizes that not only his bottle but the entire fridge is empty. The baby decides without further ado to waddle into the nearest Denner. The Denner baby is accompanied by Petula Clark's classic "Downtown" from 1964. Shot entirely in camera with a pair of baby twins, the film will be shown on TV, in cinemas and online in various versions and lengths.


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