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OCHSNER SPORT launches the new winter campaign with Loïc Meillard.

man with ski helmet and goggle

The Swiss ski racer Loïc Meillard has been an ambassador for OCHSNER SPORT for 10 years. The all-rounder is a hot tip for overall World Cup victory this season and is a Swiss hope for a medal at the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing. He worked hard for this.

The new winter campaign from OCHSNER SPORT, whose face is Meillard, shows how tough it is. The film shows that a ski race does not start with the race itself, but that the whole life of the athlete is a big race. Meillard takes us on an emotional journey through his life, we see how his trainers pushed him through various junior stations, how hard he trains and that doubts are also part of it.

The production took place in Zermatt, where the Swiss ski racers completed their first training runs of the new season. The childhood scenes in the film are true archive footage and show Meillard at a young age.


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