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New promotion for organic vegetables by thjnk.

bowl with greens on a plate on a wooden table

In order for a product to receive the Bio Bud label, the entire manufacturing process must comply with the strict Bio Suisse guidelines. The switch from conventional to organic farming takes a full two years. This is the time it takes for the soil to rid itself of synthetic chemical pesticides.

Healthy soil is a prerequisite for healthy plants, healthy animals and consequently healthy food. It stores humus and nutrients, filters water and breaks down plant remains. That's why 'Bud' farmers take special care of the soil: they work it gently and consciously care for it so that it is at least as fertile for future generations.

In fact, the soil on Swiss organic farms is so clean that the vegetables that grow in and on it can be eaten unwashed straight from the soil. To illustrate this product advantage, plates were made from organic soil for the first time - the basis for every tasty organic dish.

For this purpose, the best organic soil was excavated from the vegetable field of the "Katzhof" organic farm near Lucerne and transported to the studio of the ceramic artist Sabine Dambach.

The organic soil was dried, chopped up, finely ground and then given the appropriate shape with water. After a further drying phase, the plates were fired at 1235 degrees and then glazed with natural colors. At the very end, each plate received the coveted Bud emblem.

The limited sets consist of three plates that you cannot buy, you can only win. You can take part in the competition on the Bio Suisse homepage. The promotion will run for 10 more days on online and social media channels.


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