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Getting young people excited about dual training - that is the goal of the first nationwide training campaign of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce. For this task, the Hamburg office of the agency group thjnk was able to assert itself as the new lead agency.

Man and woman standing next to each other and smiling into the camera

After a multi-stage selection process, the Hamburg office of the agency group thjnk was able to assert itself as the new lead agency for this task. With a nationwide marketing offensive, thjnk and the Chambers of Industry and Commerce want to make vocational training even more attractive, charge it with a positive attitude towards life and ultimately counteract the shortage of skilled workers. After all, many companies are currently desperately looking for qualified young people.

On the customer side, the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce is coordinating the regional IHKs.

"Qualified employees from the baby boomers are currently retiring in large numbers and will continue to do so in the coming years. They leave behind large gaps in the companies. This results in attractive entry opportunities for young people in companies, which we would like to bring closer to them. thjnk has an emotional and authentic campaign for the IHK organization, which not only appeals to Generation Z, but also invites companies to join in," says Ulrike Friedrich, Head of Training Marketing at DIHK e.V..

The contract with thjnk covers all disciplines and channels - from strategy and creation to the creative management platform developed by thjnk 24/7. With the new account, thjnk Hamburg can expand its own know-how in the field of employer branding. Gerrit Zinke, Managing Director of thjnk Hamburg: "For us, the cooperation with the IHKs has been a real heartfelt project from day one and a special responsibility as an agency to be able to promote such a socially relevant topic. The opportunities that training offers are enormous - and they have to be told."

As early as the first quarter of 2023, the first campaign flight is expected to generate positive headlines around the topic of training and skilled workers. In Munich, Berlin, Buxtehude and Co. a new attitude to life, an apprenticeship, is to ensure pride, identification and appreciation.


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