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Just in time for the nationwide start of apprenticeships on 1 September, thjnk Hamburg and the IHK are launching a campaign to accompany and motivate new apprentices on their first day of training - using a media combination that has never been seen before in Germany: TikTok and DOOH.

Advertising display in an underground stop. The advertising material shows a campaign for the start of apprenticeships in Germany. Clips from the TikTok account @die.azubis are shown, in which real apprentices talk about their first day of training.

For the first time, the TikTok user interface and native TikTok storylines will be transferred to multiple locations across WallDecaux's Berlin DOOH network. From "What should I wear in the morning?" to "How do I greet my boss?" to the well-deserved first day at work - the DOOH flight lets you experience the first day of training in real time in short videos that are played according to the time of day.

All content comes from real trainees: Leona, Batu and Co. are also regularly active on the IHK TikTok channel @die.azubis, where they give an insight into the lifestyle of an apprentice. With the help of the DOOH medium, this emotional world is now to be shared with the many new trainees and interested parties on the spot and at the start of their training - on their way to work, during their lunch break or at the end of the day.

Annika Verborg, Teamlead Digital at thjnk Hamburg: "With the combination of TikTok's native storytelling and the strengths of local DOOH screens, we want to create an experience that is as close as possible and gives a tangible feeling of the first day at work. We are delighted to have such innovative partners as the IHK, TikTok and WallDecaux who are all passionate about the same issue: Creating enthusiasm and a new appreciation for apprenticeships".

Jicky von Bechtolsheim, COOH at WallDecaux: "In my opinion, combining DOOH with what Gen Z is passionate about is exactly the right way to go. The IHK campaign does just that, bringing the look and feel of TikTok outdoors for the first time. This makes the campaign a home run. It couldn't be more authentic and closer to the target group. Thanks to thjnk, IHK and TikTok for the creative process that turned an innovative idea into reality".

Kathrin Franssen, Head of Agency Partnerships DACH, TikTok: "We are delighted that the IHK has for the first time in Germany combined TikTok and DOOH in an exciting way for its campaign to draw attention to the important issue of education. Trainees are given a very appropriate platform to talk about their new everyday working life and to build a community. At the same time, the campaign uses refreshing storytelling for effective employer branding. A very good blueprint for many agencies and brands!"

The TikTok DOOH campaign is part of the nationwide education campaign "Ausbildung macht mehr aus", also launched by thjnk and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, which since the beginning of the year has been using cross-media to bring the education lifestyle to life under the motto "Jetzt #könnenlernen".


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